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Bathtubs and Showers

Bathtubs and showers come in a myriad of sizes and styles. Please browse our options below to see the sizes and colors available. We can also order sizes beyond what we keep in stock. We also carry all the hardware and fixtures you need to install your new bath solution.


Our tubs come in two colors (white and almond) as well as left, right, and center drain options.

white tub.jpg


almond Tub.jpg



27"x54"             41"x54"

41"x60"             48"x60"

30"x54"             30"x60"

Shower Pans

Our showers only come in white but have a large number of sizes to fit your bathroom.

32" kept in stock

Shower Pan white.jpg
Shower Pan with Seat.jpg


32"x32"             36"x36"

27"x54"             42"x54"

32"x60"             34"x60"


Shower and Tub Walls

All our tubs and showers have fiberglass or plastic walls that can be installed to finish your bathroom renovation. Plastic walls are not available for any shower measuring 27x54, 32x60, or 34x60.

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