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Our Doors

We have the largest selection of doors in all of eastern NC. We keep a stock of over 300 doors on hand and can order any door you need quickly and with no extra cost to you. Interior, exterior, storm, sliding glass, and combination doors are all here and waiting to make your home look great and feel secure.


  • Outswing Exterior- 30"x72" up to 36"x80"

  • Interior- 24"x78" up to 30"x80"

  • Combination Exterior- 32"x72" up to 38"x82"

  • Storm Door- 32"x80" up to 38"x82"

  • Sliding Glass- 72"-76"x up to 72"x80"

  • French Doors- 72"x76"

Oval Door All Glass Combo.jpg
6 panel.jpg

Specialty Doors

​We can order a large number of specialty doors including roll up doors, shed doors, extended width, and any special order combination door. Please call us to check availability. 

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